Avoid the Phrase that Can Harm Your Personal Brand

I believe LinkedIn is a valuable networking platform for professionals. It expands our connectivity by removing geographic barriers to interacting with other people who have shared interests. LinkedIn expands the reach of our personal brands, increasing exposure in the marketplace and potentially leading to new opportunities. All of the benefits I have mentioned about LinkedIn are contingent on one thing: Applying common sense networking principles. Unfortunately, not everyone uses their common sense, and they fail to realize the full potential LinkedIn holds as a connector of people.

What not to Say
How do people fail with LinkedIn? The number one mistake can be summed up in the following phrase:

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Yuck! This phrase, the default networking language LinkedIn has crafted for its users, is disastrous for your personal brand when it is used as a stand-alone invitation to connect with someone. Yes, it seems innocent enough, and the statement does specify what you want. But, this "pick up line" can be interpreted in other ways:
The only thing worse than getting this impersonal LinkedIn connection request is getting it from this person:

Do you recognize him or her? Worse yet, is this you? I know you are much better looking than this silhouette. I don't want to network with graphics, I want to network with real people!

Make it Personal
When reaching out to someone with a connection request on LinkedIn, approach it as you would a face-to-face encounter. Among the critical elements of a connection request are:
Let's face it, you would not initiate communication with someone you do not know in the following ways:
A very simple definition of networking is "building good relationships." Commit to using LinkedIn as a channel to do just that. In order to build relationships, focus on communication quality. Make your interactions personal and show genuine interest in others. Online networking might be relatively new, but it is built on timeless principles of human relationships. Take an interest in others, make your personal brand personal, and enjoy the process of building good relationships.

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