Positioning your Personal Brand for Relaunch: Introduction to Four-Step Process

Many former students have contacted me over the years to get my advice on how to position themselves to make a career change. Similarly, I have had conversations with some parents' of my children's friends lamenting their current career path, wishing that they could do something different. In both cases, the reason that they do not follow through is that they do not know how to go from Point A to Point B. You may recognize the reasons for not taking the leap to change career paths; they may be part of your reasoning, too:
As you probably have already realized, these reasons are highly correlated. Together they make a compelling case for maintaining status quo and not pursuing a vision for a new career. Unfortunately, they also serve to suppress the potential we have inside of us to broaden our horizons and launch new career ventures. British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said that “Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.” How can we unlock the music and fulfill our potential to develop the meaning and makeup of our personal brand?

This post introduces an upcoming four-part series of positioning your personal brand for relaunch. The four steps that can be applied to personal brand relaunch via career path change include:
  1. Recognize reasons for change
  2. Study your options
  3. Identify education and skills needed for relaunch
  4. Prepare for launch in new field or industry
The inspiration for this four-part series comes from Franklin University Back to College Blog - "How to Successfully Change Career Paths". The next four posts are for you if you have ever considered retooling the makeup of your personal brand to enter a different career field.