Dare to Begin

As I was writing my last blog post earlier this week I noticed a number on my blog dashboard that had escaped me to that point: I was writing my 500th post. I began blogging in June 2007. I would love to tell you that I had a grand strategic plan for my blog, but that would be a lie. The idea to blog came in part from frequent requests I received from Middle Tennessee State University's Office of News and Media Relations to give expert opinion on current events related to marketing. I enjoyed writing those pieces as they forced me to form opinions and give support for my take on the issues.

Fast forward to 2012 - I have written 500 times on the world of marketing as I see it. One thing that has changed for sure during the past five years is that I am a better, more confident writer. It is not that surprising because writing is like exercising - the more you do it the stronger you get. Infrequent practice will make one a mediocre writer (or athlete or musician). Blogging has been an invaluable tool for professional and intellectual development.

I have never worried about the size of my audience. In fact, in the early days of Marketing DR I did not even look at traffic on the blog. I focused on writing. It did not matter if anyone read it, although I am grateful every time someone takes a moment to read my thoughts. The words of Zig Ziglar often run through my mind as the reason why I began blogging. Zig says that everyone should write a book. You don't have to publish it, but everyone should go through that process. The same case could be made for blogging. Everyone should write a blog, even if you are the only one reading it.

My advice to anyone considering launching a blog or diving into some other creative endeavor is dare to begin. For too many years in my life, I was pretty adept at being able to talk myself out of doing things. But, something changed, maybe it was Zig's admonition to do something bold like write a book (which I have since done too, a sports marketing textbook). The impact that blogging has had for me has not only been career changing but life changing, too.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. Dare to begin and see where your creative energy can take you.