Information is Gold for Advertisers

Information is like gold - you mine it, sift it, and hope that you find nuggets that pay off. For marketers, obtaining feedback from customers and others is the equivalent of prospecting for gold. It can be hard to obtain, it may contain junk that is worthless, but it is a quest that we must pursue because of the potential benefits. The challenge is how to gain valued insights without being intrusive.

The need for information should not be lost on any business that sells audience access. Mass media advertising, event sponsorships, and social network sites are channels in which the properties selling ads or sponsorships should look to enhance value by providing their partners with opportunities to mine for gold - collect market research data. An example of how advertisers can be given added value through market research capabilities is Twitter's new survey feature. Twitter is giving some of its top advertisers access to users by allowing them to invite users to take a brief survey. The feedback advertisers receive will enable them to evaluate their Twitter ad campaigns and adjust tactics as needed.

If you are selling marketing real estate such as advertising space, you hold a valuable asset. Add value to that asset by enabling your advertising partners to tap the channel to collect information from your audience. Information is like gold; help advertisers with their gold mining efforts by giving them tools to collect information from your audience.

All Things D - "Twitter Rolls Out Surveys - And Reminds Us Why It Cares about 'Consistent User Experiences'"

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