What's Behind the Glass?

There are some things that captivate the attention and curiosity of almost everyone. For example, I was running recently when I saw stopped at the intersection in front of me a car with a clown in the passenger seat. I could feel a smile cross my face as I ran by, and I thought to myself "how can a clown not make you smile?" (OK - I know some people freak out at the sight of clowns, but that is a post for an expert in another field to tackle).

Another example of how people are captivated is what I observe when visiting a Krispy Kreme location. People of all ages are spellbound by the "show" going on behind the glass. The production process is in full view as we witness dough transformed into delicious glazed goodness. What makes the cooking process so interesting? Perhaps it is that it reveals how a product that is enjoyed by so many people takes its final form. For other people, the curiosity of how stuff works is fulfilled by getting a glimpse into how the product is made. In either case, Krispy Kreme engages customers by inviting them to have an up-close experience with the brand. 

You may not market a product as tasty as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but that does not mean that you do not have an interesting story taking place "behind the glass" in your business. Is there unique craftsmanship or manufacturing processes used to build your product? Are there interesting stories related to the products made or the people who make them? Offering a peek at the inner workings of your organization can make your brand more personable, potentially strengthening customers' connections with your brand.

Do not discount the potential interest that exists for people to look behind the glass to see you in new ways. Whether it is factory tours, customer site visits, or a video series posted on YouTube, draw people closer to your brand by giving behind-the-scenes access when appropriate. While you do not want to give away proprietary information, invite those people who care most about your brand to share in your world.

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