Leave No Brand Story Untold

What makes a brand resonate with consumers? A cool logo? No. A catchy slogan or jingle? Nope. The best creative efforts of an ad agency can take a brand only so far. People connect with brands in the same way they connect with other people: they are attracted by their personal stories. We value brands that we perceive as having something in common with us- our values, interests, attitudes, and mindsets. The connector that attracts us to a brand is its story. What does the brand represent, offer, and do that I can relate to and matters to me? To know a brand’s story is to add a dimension to one’s relationship with that brand.
The importance of telling stories comes to light this week with the Broadway debut of Lombardi, a play that tells the story of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, both on-field accomplishments and off-the-field relationship with his wife, Marie. Despite being the namesake of the NFL’s Super Bowl trophy and generally regarded as an NFL coaching legend, many of today’s NFL fans know little about the man behind the Lombardi persona. To that end, the NFL should be praised for its marketing involvement with Lombardi as a way to preserve the Vince Lombardi story for fans today and in years to come.
If you own a business or are responsible for marketing a brand (which includes all of us since we are managers of our personal brand), is telling your brand’s story part of your branding platform? Maybe your brand story is told through fiercely loyal customers, or maybe it is shared by employees that are on the front lines of serving customers and carrying out the brand promise. Perhaps there is heritage to share, stories from the past like the Vince Lombardi story. The stories are there, why not share them? People are more likely to connect with your brand through the emotions wrapped in a story than they are the features built into a product. Leave no brand story untold.

Advertising Age - "NFL Backs Broadway Play About Legendary Coach"

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