Organic Search Results: It's Page 1 or You're Done

I am amused when I hear people say that search engine users do not click beyond the first page or two of results. The amusing aspect of a statement like that is that it is based on personal behavior. Are most people really like that- too time poor or too lazy to go beyond the first page of search results? The answer is no, not everyone, just 95% of everyone. According to digital marketing firm iCrossing, 95% of web site traffic for nonbranded searches generated by the three main search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) come from the first page of results. Only about 3% of traffic due to organic nonbranded search comes from page 2.

Findings from the iCrossing study reinforce the importance of performing well in organic search. When search terms are based on nonbranded keywords such as product category and geographic location, an optimized site is the difference between appearing on page 1 and being invisible... which essentially describes results on Page 3 and beyond. This challenge may be even more significant for small, local businesses. Small businesses do not have the brand awareness that national brands possess. Thus, to be found on search engines it may hinge on turning up high on the list of search results for more general (i.e., nonbranded) keyword searches.

Although it turns out that the "experts" who say no one looks at search results past the first page are correct, thank you iCrossing for confirming that notion... and for reminding us of the importance of search engine optimization.

eMarketer Daily - "Organic Search Still Reigns"

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