Make Any Occasion a Selling Opportunity

I received an e-mail offer yesterday that I thought was clever use of the low cost medium in attempt to influence purchases. The offer was from Fazoli's, a quick service Italian food chain. The occasion on which the e-mail was based? Martin Luther King Day. The premise- kids are out of school Monday. The offer- receive a free Fazoli's Kid's Meal with the purchase of an adult entrée. What a brilliant move! The cost for communicating the promotion is minimal, and the promotion not only could drive store traffic, but it is tied to creating revenue (selling meals to adults).

Selling opportunities do not have to be naturally occurring. MLK Day has nothing to do with a quick service restaurant. But, marketers at Fazoli's have identified a situation that many households will experience on Monday. Kids are out of school and may be bored at home. Getting them out of the house, including lunch at a discounted total cost, will be the solution many parents turn to... it likely will be at the Roy home! Eating out on MLK Day will likely cross my mind. I am unsure if Fazoli's would have been considered (even though my family likes it a great deal), but as a result of the e-mail I received it is high on the list now.

Look for selling opportunities in not so obvious places. It helps to be able to be nimble in communicating with prospects (e-mail and social networking web sites are great to make it happen). What do you have to lose? See you at Fazoli's this Monday.

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