Is Time Right for WWE Channel?

Word that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is considering a launch of its own cable television channel seems a risky idea at first glance. A weak economy plus the struggles of several smaller cable networks suggests a new net at this time would be an uphill battle. But, the WWE may possess the brand strength to overcome any challenges in the marketplace. First, it is a proven TV brand. Its programs consistently rank among the highest rated cable shows. Second, WWE has demonstrated significant clout and fan interest with its pay per view programs. Third, abundant content is available. A dedicated channel would not only carry current WWE events, but years of past events plus in-depth features on the personalities and history of the WWE would likely appeal to a broad audience of wrestling fans.

Despite the popularity of the WWE, there is no guarantee a WWE-branded cable channel would succeed. However, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB have all entered the cable broadcasting business, a trend the WWE could follow. It has the brand strength and program content to seriously consider such a move. A key to success would be whether cable operators would add a WWE channel to their programming packages. Without adequate distribution, this venture will not succeed. But, I would not count out WWE by any means; if it wants the cable channel I expect we will be watching WWE TV in the not to distant future.

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