KFC's Re-Freshing Approach to Brand Exposure

KFC has broken new ground in finding new communication channels. Actually, it is not breaking ground but rather filling in broken ground, potholes to be exact. The Louisville, KY based company offered the city $3,000 to fill 350 potholes. The potholes are covered with a white stencil bearing the KFC logo and the statement "Re-Freshed by KFC." The stencil will last approximately 10 days before fading.

While some people may roll their eyes at an unorthodox way to promote a brand, KFC deserves credit for not only being creative, but it also is doing something beneficial for the community. It is possible that other types of "re-freshment" could be for sale in cities across the country as local governments' budgets are pinched by the recession. In addition to the unique way to generate brand exposure, KFC has been the recipient of extensive media coverage throughout the country for its pothole re-freshment program. This type of tactic would not be effective for all brands, but in the world of quick service restaurants, any edge in the consumers' mind that can be gained is important.

Link: Creativity Online - "KFC: Pothole Repair"

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