Wi-Fi: The Next Frontier for Airlines?

"You're now free to move about the country" may soon take on a new meaning. Southwest Airlines is conducting a test program that offers free Wi-Fi internet access on its flights. One plane is already equipped with the service, and three more planes will offer Wi-Fi beginning next month. After a 60-day test period, Southwest will decide whether to roll out Wi-Fi access to the rest of its fleet.

This offering seems to be one that is long overdue. Internet access in-flight could enhance the productivity of business travelers flying with Southwest or be an inexpensive alternative to offering in-flight movies. The most refreshing aspect of Southwest's Wi-Fi service is that it is free, a word not often uttered in the airline industry. Rather than coming up with creative ways to extract money from customers in the form of new fees, Southwest is seeking to add benefits to one's flight experience. Little wonder Southwest has fared better than most other airlines in the past decade.

Link: Marketing Daily - "Southwest Testing Wi-Fi On Board"

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