Super Bowl Advertising II: Advertisers Mindful of Tone of Their Messages

Super Bowl advertisers have been forced to reconsider the tone of their messages this year in the wake of a gloomy economy. Two reasons for reconsidering what is said and how to say it: sensitivity and opportunity. Advertisers are sensitive to the plight of the thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs in recent months. While Super Bowl commercials can provide levity to one's situation, failure to consider if a message is in line with consumer sentiment could result in encouraging consumption that consumers simply cannot afford at this time.

The opportunity driver of ad message evaluation is changing messages to respond to consumer needs at this time. For example, Hyundai purchased two 30-second spots months ago, before the economic meltdown occurred. The original plan was to run two spots for its Genesis coupe. Now, Hyundai will run one spot for the Genesis and one for its Hyundai Assurance plan, which helps customers who run into difficulty repaying their loan.

The Super Bowl is a festive event, a time when viewers can set aside whatever issues they are dealing with for a few hours. Kudos to the advertisers that recognize this and have taken steps to make sure their commercials do not disrupt the positive atmosphere.

Link: The New York Times - "Advertisers Change Game Plans for Super Bowl"