New eBay Site Does a World of Good

eBay has a reputation as the go-to web site for anything unusual or hard to find. Now, eBay meets the needs of another niche: consumers who want to exhibit their social and environmental beliefs in the products they purchase. The company has partnered with World of Good, an organization focused on developing companies' socially responsible practices. The venture,, allows shoppers to purchase goods from producers and artisans from around the globe. When shopping for goods at the site, consumers can learn more about the background of the seller and how the product contributes positively to interests such as the environment, animal protection, or a social cause.

The market potential for may be small today. However, the emergence of this site and its support from a major retailer like eBay give it an opportunity to succeed. If it does, it is possible that other ventures that promote sustainable and ethical consumption will enter the marketplace. Increasingly, consumers want to make purchases that make a difference. may be a significant step toward a new era of socially responsible consumption.

Link: - "New eBay Site Has Social, Environmental Aim"

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