Tough Times Mean Big Business for Web Coupons

The benefits of coupons are enjoyed by marketers and consumers alike. Manufacturers and retailers are inclined to offer coupons because they provide an immediate call to action for consumers. Moreover, the ability to measure the effectiveness of a coupon offer creates accountability for marketing expenditures that is often lacking in mass media advertising. Also, it is a way to encourage trial of a new product by reducing the cost of making a first-time purchase. Consumers benefit from the reduced price contained in a coupon offer. Another benefit of coupons for consumers is that they provide much needed relief during a time when costs for many purchases are rising.

These factors are among the influences in the greater use of coupons delivered via the Internet. A recent survey commissioned by Coupons, Inc. found that among people who use printable coupons delivered online, the Internet was the number one source of coupons. For this audience, a larger percentage of them use web coupons than coupons delivered through newspapers.

While the Sunday newspaper still newspaper is still the number one source of coupons among all consumers, the Internet is growing in importance. This trend will likely continue going forward if consumers utilize search engines more frequently to search for coupons. It will be in marketers' best interests to step up their coupon offerings delivered online as price-conscious consumers look to save money any way they can. This prescription applies not only to consumer packaged goods giants and national restaurant chains, but it has just as much relevant to businesses with a single geographic market, too.

Link: eMarketer Daily - "Economy Gives Web Coupons a Boost"