NFL Extends Behavior Expectations to Fans

Under the leadership of Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL has been proactive in establishing guidelines for players' conduct off the field. Now, the league is setting standards of behavior for fans attending their games. The "Fan Code of Conduct" sets expectations of fan behavior in parking lots before games as well as during games. Among the behaviors deemed unacceptable are visibile intoxication, abusive language, offensive gestures, and interfering with the game by throwing objects on the field. Fans violating the Code of Conduct are subject to ejection from the stadium and revocation of ticket privelges for future games.

It is unfortunate that the NFL had to go to the lengths of drafting a Code of Common Sense... I mean Conduct. Unruly fans in tailgating areas outside stadiums and in the stands detracts from the enjoyment and experience of other fans. Personally, I have little interest in attending an NFL game because I have been to enough games and encountered idiots who thought buying a ticket gave them license to go out of control. The cost of attending games is too high to allow a small minority of patrons to create negative experiences for others.

The NFL has taken many steps to protect its brand reputation by ratcheting up the personal conduct expectations of players. But, those efforts would be negated somewhat if the fan stakeholder group was ignored. People attending NFL games this season should take comfort in the fact that if inappropriate conduct or behavior takes place, there is recourse to involve security and address the problems. Thanks, NFL!

Link - USA Today: "NFL Unveils New Code of Conduct for its Fans"