Word of Mouth at Work

The power of word of mouth communication is undeniable. The credibility of messages spread person-to-person usually trumps the most creatively crafted paid marketing communications. We know that word of mouth is prevalent in our personal networks, but in what contexts do we engage in word of mouth? According to a survey released recently by BIGresearch, the workplace is a hot bed for spreading information. 95% of those persons surveyed said they give information about products and services to co-workers, and 93% seek advice from their workplace peers about products. Another interesting finding for marketers (but disturbing for employers) is that a substantial percentage of people are searching for product information online during the workday. I'm sure it is always done during lunch or other personal time!

It is easy to understand why marketers want to stimulate word of mouth communication given the frequency with which it occurs in the workplace. Also, the survey's findings have implications for search advertisers. Workday hours should be viewed as an opportunity to reach consumers online even though they are at work. Our multitasking tendencies mean we can work and search. The connections that can be made with working consumers can impact beyond those searching because they can spread the word about new products, promotions, or other brand related information for you.

Link: Online Media Daily - "Study: Workplace Peers Influence Shopping Habits"