Show Customers Your Sense of Humor

It is oh so important to make sure customers are satisfied. While managing customer relationships is serious business, there is no rule against having fun while you do it. Here are three memorable examples that I have encountered as a consumer:

1. Several years ago (nearly 10 years ago to be more precise), I was dining at a Wendy's with my family. As I picked up my order, the server at the counter said "See you tomorrow!" I laughed once I realized what she said. I was hardly a regular customer. In fact I was 150 miles from home! I left that restaurant feeling good about my experience... I guess the food was OK, I can't remember!

2. I recently called my CPA's office to ask about the status of my tax return. The woman who answered my call began with a deadpan response "We are unable to answer questions on Tuesday" (it was a Tuesday, obviously). I chuckled and engaged in some back-and-forth with her about the "policy." It was risky on the employee's part because she didn't know me, but her use of humor disarmed me as I was unhappy about the length of time it was taking to complete my return.

3. On a Southwest Airlines flight, the flight attendant began her safety instructions presentation by saying, "If you will pretend to listen, I will give you the safety instructions." Southwest employees have a reputation for injecting humor into their service delivery. It was humorous and a great way to start the flight.

What's the point? Take care of your customers, but it's OK to have fun while you do it. Your customers will have fun along with you!