It's the End of the (Ad) World As We Know It

The widely held belief among businesses is that traditional mass media advertising is in decline. Recent reports on ad spending in the U.S. estimate overall spending was up between 0.2% and 0.6%. A closer look at the numbers on ad spending by national advertisers tells it all.

- Network TV advertising
- Radio advertising
- Newspaper advertising (more than 7%)

- Outdoor advertising
- Magazine advertising
- Online advertising (a whopping 18.7%)

The distinction is clear. The ad mediums experiencing growth all have the capability of segmenting markets more effectively than the mediums that experienced decreases in spending. In particular, online advertising holds promise because of the potential to interact with the audience. Ad messages that invite the target to respond in some way, whether it be clicking a link for more info, printing a coupon, or just playing a game, are all ways to engage customers and prospects alike. Without engagement, it is too easy for your target market to ignore you. Don't make easy for them! Link