"Git-R-Done" with Testimonials

I'm watching TV the other day and see a commerical for Nutrisystem. In the spot, NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino proudly announces he lost 32 pounds using Nutrisystem. Then, to my shock he is joined by Larry the Cable Guy! Larry (whose real name is Dan Whitney) has done even better, shedding 50 pounds using Nutrisystem. I must admit Larry is the last person I thought would be interested in losing weight. After all, his portly appearance seems to be part of his brand image. But, he looks great less 50 pounds!

I don't know if losing weight will help or hurt Larry the Cable Guy's career, but his testimonial for Nutrisystem is a reminder of the power of customers sharing their experiences about using a product or service. The credibility of personal messages is high, and the "before and after" comparison of Nutrisystem's effect on Larry the Cable Guy is a powerful message. Even though the disclaimer "results are not typical" is the most accurate message delivered in the spot, the image of a svelt Larry the Cable Guy drives home the benefits delivered by the Nutrisystem brand.