Earth Day: Thinking Greenbacks over Green Marketing?

As Earth Day approaches April 22, there are growing concerns that the spirit of the observance is being lost in a sea of green marketing initiatives. It is commendable that companies are taking up the cause of Earth Day, but there is a real risk of over-commercialization. After all, Earth Day is more about advocating a cause than a selling event. It should not be treated the same way department stores create Columbus Day sales or some other special event that becomes the excuse to run a promotion!

Practicing environmentally responsible behavior in all phases of operations from product design, materials procurement, packaging, distribution methods, and communication tactics should be a priority for businesses. And, it is permissible to toot your own horn and leverage green business practices as a point of difference. But, there is a fine line between being green and chasing greenbacks. Consumers can see through efforts to do the latter; successful green marketing requires a true commitment to being an environmentally responsible organization.