Super Bowl Commercials: Winners and Losers

The Super Bowl is over and the analysis begins... no, not just why the Patriots were unable to finish with a perfect season. It is also time for the Super Bowl commercials analysis- which commercials scored and which ones flopped.

I have three categories: 1) top three commercials, 2) bottom three commercials, and 3) three commercials most likely to positively impact the brand. Top three/bottom three spots are subjective views on whether the creative message resonated with the audience. The impact category is a judgment on which commercials will lead to outcomes the advertiser desired.

Top three commercials:
1. Budweiser - Dalmation trains Clydesdale a la Rocky Balboa
2. Doritos - Giant snack rat
3. Bud Light - Fire breathing man

Bottom three commercials:
1. Hyundai - Genesis sedan; company wavered on pulling Super Bowl spots... it should have!
2. Sales Genie - Animated ads featuring Indian and Chinese characters were ineffective and borderline culturally insensitive
3. Under Armour - Too little focus on the product, a new shoe line

Top three impact commercials:
1. Tide to Go - A humorous spot that informed people about the product and attempted to drive traffic to a web site.
2. E-Trade - Talking baby effectively gets audience's attention and could spike traffic for account applications or at least site visits
3. Go Daddy - Danica Patrick's "Exposed" video will send thousands to the site. If the goal of marketing is to get the audience to take action, this should do it.

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