Super Bowl Advertising Part 3 - See It Now, Buy It Later

This final pre-Super Bowl post deals with a rising trend in Super Bowl advertising. The big game has become a platform for launching products new to market or in some cases not even yet on the market. The large audience delivered by a Super Bowl and the high involvement the audience has with commercials makes it the ideal situation to roll out new products or a new advertising campaign. Movie studios have taken the idea a step further by advertising movies that might not be released for several months.

Why advertise a "product" that cannot be purchased by people once they are exposed to it? For most products, a strategy whereby you essentially say "Here is my product, but you can't have it... at least not now" would be foolish. Why does it work for movies (if indeed it works)? This teaser strategy creates awareness for upcoming releases. Also, it can begin a buzz about a movie among people. Such word-of-mouth communication is very helpful to stimulate interest in a movie. So, be on the lookout for movie trailers during Sunday's Super Bowl. But, don't expect to be able to watch those movies any time soon!

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