Hyundai Calls Audible on Super Bowl Advertising

In my last post I commented on Hyundai's consideration of withdrawing its commitment to advertise during the Super Bowl. Hyundai has since announced its intention to remain on the roster of Super Bowl advertisers. While I give them credit for the careful consideration of whether the Super Bowl ad buy was the best use of marketing dollars, the company's uncertainty about whether it belongs in the Super Bowl is troubling. If it was a good idea in October when the spots were bought it should still be a good idea today!

On another Super Bowl advertising note, Victoria's Secret has purchased a 30-second spot slated to run during the second half. It is that company's first Super Bowl appearance since 1999, according to Advertising Age magazine. I like this move for two reasons. First, the Super Bowl will be played a mere 11 days before Valentine's Day, a key selling period for Victoria's Secret. Potential exists for the commercial to be a driver of traffic to stores and the VS web site. From a timing standpoint, the VS spot makes much more sense than Hollywood studios running commercials for movies that will not open until summer! Second, airing the commercial during the second half means that the number of younger viewers who would be exposed (no pun intended) to the message could be lower compared to airing in the first half.

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