Direct Marketing in Your Plans for 2008?

Direct marketing may not be top-of-mind for businesses trying to develop promotion strategies. Traditional mass media advertising, maybe promotions are commonly used. The tendency to gravitate toward advertising and sales promotions is not surprising. After all, we are bombarded with these tactics as consumers.

The less experienced marketer may not be considering direct marketing tactics to reach customers, but chances are they probably should. A recent report released by the Direct Marketing Association indicates that direct marketing expenditures represents more than 50% of the total amount spent on media advertising. Given the potential for direct marketing methods to deliver measurable results of performance (e.g., mail, e-mail, and search engine marketing campaigns), we will continue to see direct marketing gain in importance. This shift will likely continue to occur at the expense of media advertising budgets.

Direct marketing may suffer from a bit of an image problem, but it works! That fact is not lost on decision makers who need accountability from their marketing investments. Link