Putting Customers in the Christmas Spirit

Today is Black Friday, traditionally the official start of the Christmas season for retailers across the U.S. In the coming weeks, shoppers' nerves will be put to the test as they fight heavy traffic, congested stores, and anxieities about getting their loved ones the perfect Christmas gift. It's enough to make people lose sight of the reasons why Christmas is celebrated!

If you are a retailer, it stands to reason that you would adjust your marketing tactics to meet customers' needs during this season. Extended hours, additional sales and customer service employees, and special promotions are standard fare. But, what if you are not a retailer or Christmas isn't the boom period that it is for retailers? Do you dismiss the month of December as a slow period and go shopping with the masses? You don't have to, and you should not take a holiday from marketing.

Some brands that are not top-of-mind with consumers during the holidays have taken steps to provide comfort and convenience to shoppers. Whether it be Bank of America's cardmember lounges that provide resting places and free gift wrapping or Charmin tissue providing high-end portable toilets (is that an oxymoron?), there are ways you can help your customers get in the Christmas spirit. And, while they may not want to buy your products or services to give as Christmas gifts, any way that you can keep your brand on their mind and even add value to their hectic lives is a plus worth exploring. Link