Nintendo's Worthy Award

Advertising Age magazine has named Nintendo as its 2007 "Marketer of the Year." Nintendo got the nod over Apple, Nike, Al Gore, Geico, and Unilever. The recognition is for Nintendo's efforts in bringing its Wii gaming system to market last November. In that time, Wii has become the market leader in video game consoles. Nintendo's competitors, Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3, may have more technically advanced systems, but consumers young and old have taken to Nintendo's easy-to-use system.

The message behind Nintendo's recognition as Marketer of the Year is simple. Products that can engage their users through designs that make the product easy to use or operate add value that may be hard for competitors to duplicate. Unfortunately, not every product maker can expect users to have as much fun consuming their products as Ninteno Wii players experience. The good news is not every product we use has to provide us with fun or pleasure, but we value products that aren't a source of stress! Simplicity in acquisition and use of a product is a way to add value, one that can even lead to winning Marketer of the Year!