Applebee's Spokesapple a Rotten Idea

Applebee's is launching a new advertising campaign featuring its new spokesperson... I mean spokesapple. Yes, that's right- spokesapple! It's cheaper than hiring a celebrity endorser, and at least Applebee's does not have to worry about an apple embarassing the company by getting arrested. That's where the benefits seem to end. This brand is in trouble, and to expect a reversal of fortunes from an ad campaign led by a spokesapple is a stretch! The spokesapple will serve as the message source to spread the word about Applebee's menu items, but how much credence can you give to what an apple tells you?

You can see the auditions for yourself and decide if the "winning" spokesapple might join the ranks of the AFLAC duck and Jolly Green Giant as an advertising icon. My bet is "no."