Nike is introducing a shoe that is targeted toward American Indians. The Air Native N7 will feature a design that reflects distinguishing physical and cultural traits of American Indians. This is not your typical new product launch as it has a strong social component. The company plans to sell the shoe only to American Indians, with tribal organizations paying wholesale prices and either selling or giving away the shoes to their members.

Some people might be skeptical about Nike's motives- is this a publicity stunt? Is Nike trying to build goodwill at the expense of a certain group of people? It appears to be neither; Nike is passionate about promoting health and wellness. People are being put ahead of profits, and it will be interesting to see if other companies come forward with similar strategies to further segment markets. Major corporations like Nike will be questioned about the sincerity of their motives whenever they do good, but in this case the Air Native N7 seems to be a winner for all involved. Link

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