New Product Category: Energy Chips?

If the energy rush of downing a can of Red Bull isn't enough to stimulate you, help is on the way! Birmingham, AL-based Golden Flake has introduced NRG Phoenix Fury, a caffeine-coated potato chip. The product has the taste of hot and spicy barbeque, but a 3.5 oz bag packs the same caffeine punch as 3.5 cups of coffee. NRG Phoenix Fury is the latest extension of energy products arising from the popularity of energy drinks.

This innovation falls under the category of "just because it can be done, should it really be done?" It is logical that the energy products category can be expanded beyond energy drinks, but the potato chips category does not seem as compatible as extensions such as energy gum or energy bars. NRG Phoenix Fury is likely going to be a fad product that will join the annals of product failure. Golden Flake could make a greater contribution to society if by improving the nutritional value of its snack foods! Such innovation would have greater long-term value in the marketplace. Link

P.S. - Interestingly, there is no mention of the product on the Golden Flake web site. A new product should be touted, not kept quiet!