Hyundai = Quality: "Think About It" or "Forget About It?"

What do you do when consumers like the products you make... until they find out you made them? That is a problem facing South Korean automaker Hyundai. Research about attitudes toward Hyundai has found more than 2/3 of consumers like the styling of Hyundai models, that is when they see the models without the Hyundai nameplate on the cars. When the same cars are shown to consumers with the Hyundai nameplate visible, that percentage shrinks to barely 1/2. Hyundai is attempting to reshape attitudes with a new campaign titled "Think About It."

Hyundai fares well in quality ratings for its models. Unfortunately, while Japanese brands have enjoyed quality reputations, Korean brands such as Hyundai and Kia have been unable to create the same brand beliefs. "Think About It" is a campaign designed to persuade people that Hyundai's quality should be perceived as on par with brands such as Toyota and Honda. It will be a challenge to shift consumers' perceptions about Hyundai. On one hand, buying a car is a purchase decision that usually involves a more extensive information search. This extensive search could include learning that Hyundai offers high quality models. On the other hand, consumers may not let go of long-held beliefs that Hyundai is not on the same plane as Toyota and Honda. Or, consumers may be reluctant to take the risk and spend thousands of dollars on a car that they have not previously perceived as high quality. Lower priced items like consumer electronics- maybe, but a purchase decision that they have to live with for several years? Link